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The reading of the poem "Gabbiani" written by the italian poet Vincenzo Cardarelli, suggested the idea to write poems dedicated to favourite animals, using it as a pattern on which the students have composed their poetry, manipulating the english words and structures studied over this year


Non so dove i gabbiani abbiano il nido,
ove trovino pace.
Io son come loro,
in perpetuo volo.
La vita la sfioro
com'essi l'acqua ad acciuffare il cibo.
E come forse anch'essi amo la quiete,
la gran quiete marina,
ma il mio destino è vivere
balenando in burrasca.


leoniLIONS by  Chiara Torri

I don't know where lions go to sleep,

where they love staying.

I'm not like them but I'd love to

I would like to be strong like them,

I would like to be wild like them. 

I just want to go away and be alive like they are.


tigriTIGERS by Allegra Ferrari 

I don't know where tigers live their lives,

where they prefer hunting.

I'd like to be like them 

powerful, intresting and elegant.

I live my life as they catch their food

and like them  I love  action,

the action of the scary jungle.

This is the way I'm going to live my life,

seizing the day.

farfallaBUTTERFLIES by Camilla Salti

I don’t know where the butterfly has its home,

or where it can rest.

I am like it,

dancing in the grass till night.

I catch the smile of my friends

as  the butterfly smells the sweetness of colourful flowers.

And maybe I am colourful because like it I am scared.

I hide myself under a hypnotic beautiful dress,

but I am not free in the sky,

I am bound to earth.



PENGUINS by Simone Bassini

I don't know where the penguin has its house

where it goes to rest:

I am like him,

I love diving as he does in the sea to find food.

And  like him  I love swimming,

adrift in the blue sea

among the  waves: that's life!


TURTLES by Elisa Ferrari


I don't know where turles go to sleep,

if they dream about their life:

I am like them

I am lazy and I like dreaming about my future

I cross my thoughts as they cross the grass

I just wanna be like them

I just want my dreams  to become true.


giaguariJAGUARS by Guglielmo Sora

I don't know where  jaguars live in the savana, 

where they find their peace. 

They run fast and sleep deeply on the trees. 

I love running

as they do when they're hunting their preys 

I sometimes  break my plans, 

overestimating my agility. 

In fact my destiny is to fight to survive in this world of men.


gattiCATS  by Manuel Matruglio

I know where cats live,

and where they rest. I’m like them: I never have a problem.

I am sometimes lonely but more often happy

I take life as it comes to me,

like cats do with the food they find.

Like them I also love sleeping,

and my sleep is very deep

But  my life is frantic,

and I love it.


gatti2CATS by Samuele Ziliani

Cats, little domestic felines,

the most indipendent animals but also so playful and joyful.

They can stay a long time away from home

But, when they come back,they are the owner of everything.

I look at them and I see myself:

like a cat I run and jump in the open air

but then I need to rest

 back to my place

Both when I feel happy ,

and when my soul turns down.


cavalliHORSES  by Marta Camnaghi

I  don't know where horses rest, where they find peace.

I am like them,in search of freedom

I love the way  they run

on  wide, green meadows

at the sunset,

beyond all limits.


BEES by Laura Fappani

I don't know where bees have their beehive

Where they found their energy:

I am like them

I fly away because in our life we must go on

And maybe, like them, I love annoying people

But my destiny is to live on,

Always going on pursuing my happiness.


panterePANTERS  by Pietro Cottarelli

I don't know when panters go to sleep

Their life is active in the black night

Like them I want to see in the deep darkness of this world.

Like the panter I am fast and brave:

 I fight with my claws to defend myself because

I want to live in peace in this forest.


lupiWOLVES by Alessia Annunziata

I don't know where wolves go to sleep,

where they can feel safe.

I'm not like them but I'd love to

I would like to be as strong as they are to run

as fast as they do

I would love to be brave and fearless as they are.

I would like to run away from here

and  stay with my herd

which makes me stronger than I am.

But my destiny to be on my own.


volpineFIREFOXES  by Flavi Spotti

The firefox is an animal with a striking mantle and with a small size,

who lives in an unsuitable place

always in struggle for his life;

Greedy of bamboo you are

and you prefer staying on your own

during the morning

and eating at night, in the dark and black night

when nobody can see you.


lupi2WOLVES by Beatrice Conti

I don't know in which wood  wolves live

where they run fast and hunt

I'm like them

in perpetual motion

I  touch the leaves of the trees,

like them when they hunt their preys,

and like them I love  adrenalin,

the adrenalin of hunting, of the danger, of  power.

And my destiny is challenging life

in  imagination and in  fantasy.


orsiBEARS by Francesco Alovisi

I don't know in which cave  bears live, where they find peace.

I'm like them, I like eating and relaxing every time.

I love sleeping

and like them falling into lethargy.

But if someone disturbes my peace,

from calm I become a savage,

and my destiny is to fight to survive

in this world of men.


tartarughe2TURTLES by Anna Lucchi

I don't know where  turtles go to sleep where they feel safe.

I'm like them, costantly moving.

I live my life in search for  freedom                                        

and I love crawling as they do in large meadows

but my destiny is living inside  my lyrics.


tartarughe3TURTLES by Agnese Zambinelli

I don' t know where turtles sleep at night, where they find peace.

I am like them,

I swim towards my dreams.

Life lulls me

as the current of the sea does with them.

And I love travelling as perhaps they do,

I love reaching new destinations,

but my fate is going on

swimming in a quiet sea.


tartarughe4TURTLES by Elena Cernei

I don't know where turtles go to sleep,

where they feel safe.I'm like them,

I'm always in motion:

I crawl in my life

as they crawl in the grass where they live.

And I love nature and its animals as perhaps they do.

But my destiny is living

dreaming of a better world for all the animals.


caniDOGS by Diana Neacsu

The dog is a  faithful friend 

sometimes he has got long ears, 

to hear the footsteps of his master .

With its calm eyes

It never pretends anything

but it gives you

a world of happiness!


carpeODE TO THE CARP by Filippo Raglio

I don't know where the carp has its nest

Where it finds peace

I am like it

In perpetual search food

I hit life,

As it hits the ground to find food

And I also love the ditch

But my destiny is living

Stuck by a lock.


koalaKOALAS by Francesco Leone

I don't know where  koalas live

Where they rest in peace

I am like them

I look for my preys and I think how to kill them.

But my destiny is  to sleep

to evade from a world of angry people.


scimmieMONKEYS   by Francesca Albarelli

I don't know where  monkeys go to bed 

where they find  their happiness I am like them 

Constantly smiling 

I skim life,

As they skim lianas to jump from side to side 

and I love laughing as monkeys do 

but my destiny is to live 

jumping from trees to trees.


aquileEAGLES by Christian Dall'Olmo

I don't know where eagles fly

and if they feel free,

but I like them while they are flying above the mountains

and  among the trees looking for peace:

I want to be free as they are and fly in this wide world,

feeling  the wind on my face

and I want to be free to fly forever

because I am in a prison

from which I wll escape flying away.


gazzelleGAZELLES by Bianca Donida

I don’t know where gazelles have their hideout,

Where they can stay in peace.

But, when I Close my eyes and everything disappears

I dream that I am  like them:

 I touch lightly the wet grass, as I were  flying

And gracefully I escape from all the predators.

So, when I open my eyes

I understand that my destiny isn’t this one:

I have to live as a human being and overcome  obstacles

 Like  tornadoes in their ride.


leoni2LIONS by Michele Monfredini

I don't know where lions live

Where they can find their peace.

But I know that the lion is the king of animals

The most noble of the other

Without having many duites.

They can do what they want

without any problems

I'd like to be like them 

But I can't 

Or this could be possible 

Only for a day in all year

just for my birthday.

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