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Il paper di accoglienza agli exchange-students a.s. 2017-18


Hi everybody,

My name is Daniela Nolli and I will be your counselor at Liceo Scientifico Aselli, the Cremonese school you will attend in Italy.
I'm writing to tell you about the organization of our school, obviously completely different from yours, but that as Exchange students you will have to attend, which will involve a great amount of goodwill and endurance: a challenge that Exchange students – I know from experience - are ready to meet, as they have been since the very first moment of their decision to embrace this great adventure.

We try to give our exchange-students every opportunity to learn both academic subjets and get human unforgettable memories of their year in our school and we are extremely proud of our contribution to the development of  their personalities.

These are some guidelines we expect you to follow,  to successfully achieve your best responses as exchange-students at Liceo Aselli.

As the educational mission of Liceo Aselli is also to help students  develop their sense of responsibility and work ethic, attendance is mandatory and absence is to be justified by your Italian parents - in case of missing justification students will not be permitted to enter their classroom and Rotary will  be informed.
The process of scheduling Exchange students is based on the School Committee choices: each of you will be assigned to a class and that class will be your class up to the end of the school year; once the school year begins, students will not be permitted to replace one class for another.
A course of Italian for Beginners will be organized by Liceo Aselli in order to give you the basic knowledge of our language. To attend this course you will be allowed to go out of the school building for the time needed, but after the Italian lesson you are supposed to come back to Liceo Aselli.
I want to insist on the importance of regular attendance, because it has been proved over the years (we have had exchange students for 15 years) that attendance is the guarantee of a proper  learning of the language and, consequently, the best way to be introduced to the social life of our town.
I've read all your applications and I see you are all highly motivated: this will facilitate your experience as exchange students in Italy, where schools are more academic and less practical than the school in your countries.
This is all for now, I only wanted to give you some details so you will be ready to do your best with my personal help and that of  my colleagues'.
It goes without saying,  we are very happy to have you as our students, to prepare you together with  all the students of Liceo Aselli to became citizens of the world.
Waiting to see you on the first days of school.

Mrs. Daniela Nolli -
(exchange-students counselor) 

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