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Andrea di 3E ci propone il suo diario di viaggio relativo allo stage linguistico a Bath, cui hanno preso parte dal 25 febbraio al 2 marzo 2013 le classi 3A, 3E e 3ALSA del Liceo Aselli. Arricchiscono il diario le belle fotografie scattate da Tommaso, di 3E.


Monday, 25-02
At 18.30 we met at Porta Venezia, and before the bus arrived, we filled our shared suitcases and we checked that the weight wasn’ t more than 15 kg. When the bus arrived, we said goodbye to our parents and went to the airport in Bergamo. There, boarded our shared suitcases, we had dinner at a nice place  while waiting to board. The plane should have left at 22:30, but there was a delay and we set off at 23.05 and after about an hour and a half flight, we landed in Stansted. From there we went to the hotel where we spent the night with Roman, who then hosted me, Davide, and Daniele.


gita tom 2013 003At 8:00 / 8:30 we had breakfast and then we got straight on the bus to go to London. In the morning we saw Shakespeare's theater, the Globe, the Tower of London, the Tate Modern and the Millennium Bridge, and finally entered the British Museum to see the Rosetta Stone, some parts of the Parthenon and many other things. In the afternoon we saw Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, W
gita tom 2013 044estminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square with the London Eye and we also went to Hard Rock Cafe to buy classic T-shirts. After dinner around Piccadilly Circus, we entered "M & M 's world", a store with several floors dedicated to m & m' s. Then we went to Bath by coach to meet our host families, even though we had already met our host, Roman. We went by taxi to Roman’ s, where we met his wife Jane and his son Dominic, who is 3 years old. They showed us the room where we would sleep, with a double bed and a bunk bed.




Wednesday, 27-02
gita tom 2013 092Roman woke us up at 8:00 am, and after breakfast with bread, jam and tea, we went to school for an English course, where we met gita tom 2013 116Mr. Alan and Mrs. Prou. We had lunch in the center of Bath and then we went by bus to Stonehenge. It was very cold there, so we stopped just half an hour. Then we went to Salisbury, where we visited the cathedral, where inside there is the "magna charta" and has on the front the oldest clock in the world. ON our return to Bath, we went to our host family, where, after taking a shower we had dinner with chicken with potatoes and crepes with nutella and bananas. We stayed at home in the evening and went to bed early enough to be able to wake up on time the following morning!


Thursday, 28-02
gita tom 2013 156In the morning we went again to school, we talked about English grammar with Mr Alan and we talked a little about music with Mrs. Prou. In the afternoon there was a change of plans in the afternoon and instead of visiting Bath, we went to Bristol, where we visited the SS Great Britain, the first ship in the world to go through the ocean. Then, because the girls wanted to, we stopped a short time in Primark, a low-cost shopping centre with really low prices. Then we went back to Bath and had pizza in an Italian pizzeria, where they also offered us ice cream for dessert! Later we went back to our families and we went straight to bed, because we were really tired after a long day of walking!


Friday, 01-03
gnamThis was our last day of school, so we said goodbye to the teachers and thanked them for teaching us many new things. In the afternoon we went to the pizzeria where we had dined the evening before to try to make typical British “scones”. gita tom 2013 275After we finished preparing the desserts we were offered a "snack" of typical cakes and tea. Then we visited the Roman baths of Bath, dating back to the times of the Roman Empire. I also tried to taste thermal water, which, by the way, had a horrible taste! Back at home, we had dinner with our host family: Roman prepared huge and delicious hamburgers, much better than Burger King or McDonald 's! That was our last evening in Bath, and we regretted not being able to go out, but it was just as well, because we had to wake up at 6.45 next morning!


Saturday, 02-03
gita tom 2013 294We all met at the bus stop, here we greated Roman and thanked him for everything he had done for us, then we packed the shared bags and left for Birmingham. At the airport we loaded the suitcases, had lunch and then we went boarded on the plane back to Italy. This time, there wasn’ t any delay and we arrived home at 18.30. It was nice to be back to normality, but it had been really a wonderful experience that I would do again immediately!




  • Guest - Nolli Daniela

    Bravo Andrea a scrivere un accurato rapporto sulla nostra esperienza stile British, e bravo anche Tommaso che ha arricchito il diario con delle splendide foto: quella del London Eye è particolarmente suggestiva, ma anche la SS Great Britain fa la sua bella figura...tutte comunque degne di essere viste e riviste- Compliments to everybody!

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  • Bellissimo diario, bravi! Che invidia!!! Vorrei sapere almeno un po' d'inglese... ma le terme che danno il nome alla città di Bath funzionano ancora?

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